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TWO NEW VIDEO PRODUCTS and 3 audiotapes

K54 Bucko Up video kit. Wearing seat belts saves lives. We know that, don't we? Follow this driver as he very vividly flies through his windshield and he recalls all the times he did wear his seat belt. This driver's problems started when he didn't buckle up and the problems compounded when he let his guard down--by tailgating in a construction zone. When you tailgate you are no longer in control. As his truck hits a concrete wall, he realizes the first impact isn't the problem, it's the second collision collision that kills you (your unbelted self still moving forward). Video, safety guide and posters 200.00

K55 Man in the Middle video kit. The secret to preventing accidents is to maintain comlplete control of your vehicle and complete control of the space around your vehicle. This means the space on both sides, above, below, behind, and most importantly in front of you. To prevent accidents, you need to understand how to establish, enforce,and control a CIRCLE OF SPACE.
Video, safety guide and posters 200.00

C22 Winter Driving Audiotape All the information on our winter driving research is now available on convenient audiotape for easy access by drivers.
6.00 each with substantial discount for bulk purchases.

C42 20 Reasons Not To Tailgate Audiotape The statistics and recommendations on our 20 Reasons video has been refined on an audiotape for immediate driver availability. 6.00 each with substantial discount for bulk purchases.

C46 Warm Weather Letdown Audiotape When the weather gets nicer the hazards are still on the road they have only changed shape. The ice and snow have disappeared only to be replace by motorcycles, vacationers and the misguided feeling that you can let your guard down. 6.00 each with substantial discount for bulk purchases.


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