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I bought an '86 Chevy S-10 with 228,000 miles on it. It came with a rebuilt Iron Duke 2.5L four, new ball joints, tie rod ends, etc. Ran great but the cab and box were rusted up to the window line (Minnesota ya know). Then I found a '41 Chevy 3/4 ton that was built in May of 1941 in California and spent a lot of its life out west. A friend was restoring a '46 and wet himself when he saw my '41. I kept the cab and front clip, and the running gear and box went on to be part of a loving total restoration.

It is amazing how close in size the '41 and the S10 are. The dimensions, track, width, and overall footprint are so similar. The cab went on the S10 frame with very little work. The photos show progress up to midsummer 2002. The S10 ran and was driveable throughout the switch because vehicles I have that don't run tend to stay not running. I used all of the S10 electricals, goofy smog controls and all. The S10 instrument face fits well in the steel 41 dash--no cutting at all. I got a free 89 Dodge Van third seat in new condition and it fits the '41 seat riser like it belonged there. The S10 radiator was a real pain because it sneaks under the fenders, not between the fenders like the original '41. The little 14" S10 wheels hide under the big fenders, but maybe Camaro wider rims will bring them out some. I plan to put a flatbed on the back for now and find a box and fenders that weren't torn and beat to hell then home-welded by a disinterested blacksmith with poor vision. The big dream here was to have a Cadillac 472 or similar, and a couple have been located. Makes more sense to get the kinks out of what's here, first, and then put in the Cad later. The crankout windshield does just that--I think it's probably the best feature of this truck. Took a few days to get it cleaned up and operating smoothly. I went through a lot of gyrations fitting various parts and learning what would work. Email me at I'd be happy to share anything I've learned from this. I didn't do this to make hot rod history, just something fun to fiddle with. It would have been a lot easier (and probably prettier) to open up a catalog and order my way into a rod but it has been fun. The pics are in some order. Enjoy the ride.

Hot off the rollback delivered to my door

Missing parts living in the trashed box

Paint removed with a burning torch by previous owner

It sat for 5 years under a big piece of canvas

Beautiful styling on some pretty solid tin
Cab is sitting on S10 frame, tires are hiding

The S10 had a long box on it, explains the longer wheelbase

The wiring puts out more horsepower than the 2.5 Iron Duke
Getting the cab oriented on the frame Shows firewall and S10 steering column
Rock solid floors and cab corners, rotten S10 seat temporary Didn't cut cab to fit frame
Driveable but probably would get a visit from the law S10 wheel and unfinished dash
S10 is slightly longer than '41
side by side check of both trucks before days of sweat
Sorry mess of wiring but it's all marked
My dad made the dolly to easily move the cab around