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Who are we and where did we come from?

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Ancient history

Lenny Brunette, a twenty year truck driving/Vietnam veteran and Million Mile Safe Driver Award recipient began experimenting with video in the late 1980's. He drives variously for a few large truck companies and spends the "free time" on video production. His first productions he gave away at truck stops, you should have gotten in on that. Friends and associates encouraged him to sell the videos. As the video titles increased, he added employees and innovations. Upgrades to digital video equipment have polished the final products and they retain their appeal to drivers everywhere. Lenny has customers in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

He has done expert witness work in accident trials, produced customized videos for trucking companies and insurance companies, and lectured various audiences on safety.

New video products are on the horizon as well as an innovative driver positive-recognition program.

Lenny is always happy to talk to anyone about trucks, safety, video, and the industry in general.

What's with the junky pickup?

A family friend was ready to take this baby to the scrapyard and it only had 156,000 miles on it. The friend's wife said, "Hey, maybe Keith would want it?" The guy said he doubted it, but called me anyway. He said you can have it, come get it Friday.

I have had it two plus years, it now has 178,000 miles on it. I drive it year round, it starts at -30F, and I've put on front brake calipers, a wiper motor and a piece of tin on the driver's floor.

"Stardust" is an '83 Dodge half ton, 318, 2bbl, 4 speed, PS/PB, no air, no power windows, rusty cab.

Some guy looking at it said I should paint it, I said I thought it had paint on it already.

The engineering is maybe primitive compared to my wife's new Dodge Caravan, but the truck is close to unbreakable and very easy to service and tune.

There may be other trucks that look better and run more efficiently, but the only payment I make on this baby is when I stop at the gas station.

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